Basic Pharmacology: Relevance for the Massage & Bodywork Therapist

This is a two day workshop.

Workshop Description: Massage and bodywork therapists frequently see clients who are taking prescription medications, vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbal remedies. Oftentimes the client’s complaints are a reflection of the side-effects of medications or the result of interactions between different medications or medications and supplements and not the result of a disease process. This will clearly affect the progress of treatments. This workshop will discuss the differences between drugs, herbs, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals, explain how drugs are named and classified and how to look up a drug. In addition the major common drug groupings will be taught and the most common drugs within each grouping. Side effects and contraindications will be discussed and reviewed. In all cases, the relevance of each grouping to the therapist’s treatment will be shown and therapists will be instructed in how to alter their treatments depending on the medications their clients are on.

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