Treating Cancer – A Wholistic Approach

This is a two day workshop.

Workshop Description: There are many forms of cancer and the number of people afflicted with cancer soars every year.  At the turn of the century, cancer afflicted 1 in 100 people. Today 1 in 2 people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. From a Wholistic and Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) point of view, this reflects a severe weakening of the immune system which is unable to thwart the negative influences of a toxic environment. In our fast paced, stressful society of overwork, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, discontent and extensive environmental pollution we see this breakdown of the immune system more frequently and with dire consequences.

Throughout our combined careers in wholistic medicine, we have treated many patients diagnosed with a wide variety of cancers and from our own clinical experience we have found that supporting the immune system wholistically while utilizing diet, herbs and supplements to attack or block the cancer, provides the best chance for the patient’s long term survival, Qi/physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health.

This workshop will discuss the causes of cancer from a TCM perspective, complementary treatment options, nutritional supplementation, western and eastern herbal supplementation, specific Qi Gong exercises for building the immune system, dietary recommendations and special point groupings according to TCM. Students will learn vital information that can help them and their clients facing this insidious disease.

If you are interested in attending our workshops, please call or email us at:

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