Wholistic Healing Arts was founded in 2003 by Faye Schenkman and Kim Rosado who have dedicated their lives to healing and teaching others. They shared a mission to help heal their patients through alternative and complementary medicine and they intentionally spelled “wholistic” with a ‘w’ to reflect the philosophy of treating the “whole” person. Their aim is to help their patients learn an approach to health care that is not just concerned with the absence of disease but with a positive state of being and one that utilizes natural, non-invasive modalities for both treatment and prevention of disease.

Faye and Kim’s personal career paths converged in 1989 when they first met at the New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research in Manhasset, New York, at that time the premier clinic for alternative and complementary medicine on the East Coast. Faye Schenkman had come to integrative medicine by an interesting route. Originally a history and Chinese language teacher she was asked by a friend in 1973 to translate some Chinese Medical texts for an acupuncturist, Dr. Robert Sohn. Dr. Sohn was no ordinary acupuncturist – he was a master of Chinese Medicine and a Teacher of spiritual work. After a short series of treatments, Dr. Sohn quickly cured Faye of medical problems that had plagued her since childhood and she soon apprenticed with him, learning Chinese herbs and Amma, one of the oldest forms of Chinese massage from his wife, a Korean empath. With a group of other students who were studying spiritual work with Dr. Sohn, they opened the Institute for Self-Development and the Wholistic Health Center in 1976. The Institute and Health Center expanded to include a school for massage therapy and later, other degree programs in different fields of holistic medicine including acupuncture, herbs and Amma.

While Faye was studying Chinese Medicine and spiritual work, Kim was mastering Japanese martial arts. She was a black belt in Shorin Ryu and Shotokan Karate when she discovered that many of the martial arts techniques were related to the principles of Eastern medicine. Always eager to study and learn more and expand her knowledge base, she sought out and enrolled in the Manhasset school where she met Dr. and Mrs. Sohn and became their student as well. Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in Amma and a Master’s degree in acupuncture, eventually teaching and treating full-time at the school which had evolved into a New York State College. Kim first met Faye in the classroom where Faye was one of her teachers. Noticing her keen interest in learning these arts Faye took a personal interest in guiding her along her educational and spiritual journey. Eventually they become colleagues and friends who, after Dr. Sohn’s passing, decided to create a practice and carry on their knowledge and training together.

Their combined fifty years experience in the healing arts and their unique backgrounds have given them the ability to treat the mind-body-spirit with skill, compassion and understanding.

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