Wholistic Healing Arts Herbal Liniment™
(Dit Dat Jow)

Wholistic Healing Arts Herbal Liniment™ is a therapeutic, all natural, herbal remedy traditionally used as adjunctive therapy by massage therapists, bodyworkers and acupuncturists in the treatment of muscle aches and pains, strains, arthritic pain, joint pain, bruises, sports injuries and closed traumatic injuries.

Called Dit Dat Jow which translates as ‘Iron Palm Liquid’, it is a specially balanced collection of Chinese herbs which synergistically work together to accelerate healing and which are uniquely prepared in a base of alcohol. Originally used as a healing liniment in martial arts schools to help perfect the striking practice of the Iron Palm and used to treat injuries incurred in martial arts training, this formula has been handed down for centuries to promote blood and Qi (energy) circulation, tonify the blood, reduce pain and swelling induced by trauma and remove blood stagnation.

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