Amma Therapeutic Massage: A Wholistic Approach to Health- Part II

This is a two day workshop.

Workshop Description: This workshop builds upon the techniques learned in module I. At the completion of module II, participants will have learned the basic Amma techniques for the posterior body and they will also learn the seated treatment which concludes an Amma session. Qi Gong exercises to promote health and well-being will be taught. Students will also learn specific point locations for a variety of pathological conditions.  At the completion of Modules I and II, students will have learned the complete basic Amma treatment which forms the foundation for all advanced bodywork in Amma. Students will also have learned a complete set of Qi Qong exercises that will greatly benefit the practitioner and their clients. Students wishing to pursue studies in Advanced Amma can look forward to future workshops.
Module I is a prerequisite for module II.

If you are interested in attending our workshops, please call or email us at:

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