Through acupuncture and herbal medicine we help patients to stop smoking easily, safely and painlessly. Our acupuncture treatments have been successful for years in helping patients free themselves from the smoking habit. The physical discomfort that is the basic experience of nicotine addiction is due to nicotine’s physiological affect on the body. Initially, when a person lights up a cigarette, nicotine causes a vasodialation of the circulatory system, resulting in increased blood and oxygen flow, inducing a sense of relaxation. However, when the nicotine begins to wear off, the blood vessels begin to vasoconstrict, cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen thereby catalyzing a need for more nicotine. This destructive cycle of vasodialation and vasoconstriction can be overcome with acupuncture treatments. Just a few acupuncture treatments can terminate the physical withdrawal symptoms, helping smokers to stop smoking.


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